Removing method of contaminent on a disk, housing and disk assembly of hard disk drive adopting the method

디스크의 오염물질 제거 방법 및 이를 위한 수단을 갖는하드 디스크 드라이브의 하우징, 이를 채용한 하드 디스크드라이브의 디스크 조립체


하우징의 내측면으로부터 연장되는 와류 발생기에 관해 개시된다. 와류 발생기는 디스크 드라이브의 회전 디스크에 의해 발생된 공기 유동에 협동하여 와류를 발생한다. 와류는 디스크의 그 표면에 위치하는 오염물질을 제거할 수 있다.
PURPOSE: A method of removing contaminant of disc, a hard disc drive housing having tool for the method, and a disc assembly of a hard disc drive employing the tools are provided to generate spiral flow to eliminate contaminant on the surface of a disc. CONSTITUTION: A hard disc drive housing includes a plate whose inner side has a spiral flow generator(50). The spiral flow generator includes the first and second slope faces(54,56). A disc assembly of a hard disc drive includes a disc(16), a spindle motor for rotating the disc and causing air flow, a head(24) combined with the disc, an actuator arm attached to the head, and a spiral flow generator to which the spindle motor and the actuator arm are attached. The spiral generator generates spiral flow in the air flow generated by the rotated disc. The housing includes a base plate and the spiral flow generator is extended from the inner side of the base plate.




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