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CN-106377123-A: 可调节温度的竹席 patent, CN-106379360-A: 重型设备底架吊挂梁结构 patent, CN-106379383-A: Building trolley patent, CN-106379873-A: Vibration device for nitrogen producing tower patent, CN-106380013-A: 一种原生态净水过滤器 patent, CN-106380841-A: Halogen-free and flame-retardant long glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 composite material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106381557-A: 一种高均匀性安全带用聚酯工业丝及其制备方法 patent, CN-106382195-A: Cusp field-Hall combined thruster patent, CN-106383031-A: Engine testing system patent, CN-106383787-A: Universal testing software development platform for sub-system testing patent, CN-106383974-A: 一种励磁系统建立仿真模型的方法 patent, CN-106384777-A: Led封装器件和led显示装置 patent, CN-106385253-A: 基于参数处理模块和锁相环级联的数字时间转换系统 patent, CN-106385450-A: 数据过滤方法及系统 patent, CN-106386234-A: 一种花卉智能栽培装置及其自动浇水方法 patent, CN-106386726-A: 双扁尾醒目鱼漂 patent, CN-106386776-A: Bird dispelling device patent, CN-106386916-A: Fully automatic circular single cake making machine and method for processing circular single cakes by using fully automatic circular single making machine patent, CN-106387602-A: 一种非热食品熏杀防腐保鲜方法 patent, CN-106387639-A: 一种保健大排米线的制作方法 patent, CN-106387709-A: 一种风味狗肉干的制备方法 patent, CN-106387737-A: 一种提高槟榔劲道的槟榔加工方法 patent, CN-106388337-A: 一种隐藏式智能柜 patent, CN-106389911-A: Drug for effectively treating fetishism patent, CN-106390121-A: Application of proteasome inhibitor to preparation of products capable of lowering animal fat content or fat accumulation capability patent, CN-1063915-A: 使用气体反应剂处理纤维材料的方法和装置 patent, CN-106392258-A: 悬挂支腿横梁与纵梁组装工艺 patent, CN-106392371-A: Medium-temperature alloy solder thin strap and preparation method patent, CN-106393076-A: Position rotating device applied to mechanical arm patent, CN-106393421-A: Water vapor mixing device patent, CN-106394407-A: Vehicle-mounted intelligent rearview mirror system and control method thereof patent, CN-106394658-A: Active steering and coupling device based on double-row planetary gear trains for automobile front wheels patent, CN-106394877-A: Brake housing and pressure-bearing cup of aircraft brake device patent, CN-106395433-A: Pressing device for automobile transportation patent, CN-106395857-A: Liquid ammonia refining decolorization system and method patent, CN-106396224-A: 一种基于聚光的微腔体式太阳能海水淡化单元 patent, CN-106397486-A: Preparation method of high purity L-ascorbic acid-2-sodium phosphate patent, CN-106397991-A: 135 DEG C thermoplastic low-smoke halogen-free flame-resistant material used for cables, and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106398469-A: 微胶囊、含有微胶囊的自愈合电泳涂料及制备方法 patent, CN-106398499-A: 一种氟纳米复合改性防腐涂料 patent, CN-106398874-A: Volatile oil multi-effect separation device patent, CN-106398915-A: Traditional Chinese medicinal complexion soap and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-106399076-A: 微流控凝胶气液界面烟气暴露装置 patent, CN-106399553-A: Human mitochondria whole genome high-throughput sequencing method based on multiple PCR patent, CN-106399635-A: Core-spun yarn containing rare earth, niobium, vanadium, boron high-titanium titanium-silicon nitride alloy patent, CN-106400834-A: 城市综合管廊预制涵件施工工艺方法 patent, CN-106400899-A: Sink for public location patent, CN-106402412-A: 一种除尘管道介质切断装置及其制作方法 patent, CN-106402430-A: 控制阀和热水器 patent, CN-106402766-A: Automatic snow removing street lamp patent, CN-106402915-A: 一种提高锅炉制粉系统一次风温的方法和机构 patent, CN-106403817-A: Vision fixing device for motor detection patent, CN-106404757-A: Anti-RA33 antibody IgG chemiluminescence immune detection kit and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106405003-A: Fluid detection metering device patent, CN-106405612-A: Sea water body [Gamma] radiation in-site detector and detection data processing method patent, CN-106406079-A: 一种车辆、磁流变液式车辆减振座椅控制装置及其方法 patent, CN-106406107-A: 家电控制方法及装置、无线路由装置及家电 patent, CN-106406219-A: Non-programming electronic cam curve generating method for transection patent, CN-106406224-A: Machining coordinate power-down saving system for machine tool patent, CN-106406255-A: DCS control method for gas supply process in hydrogen chloride production patent, CN-1064067-A: 油母页岩燃烧灰渣制免烧砖技术 patent, CN-106406807-A: A method and a device for voice correction of characters patent, CN-106406845-A: A task processing method and device patent, CN-106407173-A: 一种在线自动图文本排版系统及其排版方法 patent, CN-106407945-A: Fingerprint identification method and mobile terminal patent, CN-106408358-A: 发票管理方法和发票管理装置 patent, CN-106408447-A: 一种基于输电过载的电网条件非同调概率计算方法及系统 patent, CN-106408472-A: 一种校园固定资产管理系统 patent, CN-106408833-A: Perimeter intrusion detection method and system patent, CN-106410578-A: 2[mu]m waveband all-fiber dual-wavelength wide-tuning mode-locking laser patent, CN-106411273-A: 一种应用信号衰减技术的跨导放大器及方法 patent, CN-106411853-A: Method for supplementing and perfecting network real name system information patent, CN-106412384-A: 一种视频处理系统 patent, CN-106412630-A: 视频列表切换控制方法及装置 patent, CN-106414648-A: 作为硫化催化剂的钛配合物 patent, CN-106414796-A: 真空室的具有气体引导机构的气体分配装置 patent, CN-106415372-A: 有条件的检索 patent, CN-106415606-A: Edge-based recognition, systems and methods patent, CN-106415921-A: High-frequency shielded housing, in particular high-frequency shielded filter housing patent, CN-106416541-A: 二自由度轮系水稻钵苗宽窄行移栽机构 patent, CN-106417519-A: 一种高纤维面包及其制作工艺 patent, CN-106418455-A: 一种含豌豆抗性淀粉的沙拉酱及其制备方法 patent, CN-106419788-A: 一种自动洗碗机 patent, CN-106420289-A: 一种多功能智能盲人拐杖 patent, CN-106421291-A: Traditional Chinese medicine for treating knee arthralgia patent, CN-106421343-A: 一种防治家禽流感的中兽药 patent, CN-106422160-A: Hula hoop capable of improving exercising effect patent, CN-106422283-A: Roller skate and roller skating seat structure convenient in separation and combination as well as using method thereof patent, CN-106422740-A: Centrifugal type deep flue gas purification device provided with shunting ring and desulfurization tower patent, CN-106424575-A: 一种带集渣槽的浇注系统 patent, CN-106425463-A: Straight line type gear case assembling method patent, CN-106426036-A: Device for storage of building construction iron nails patent, CN-106426255-A: Clamping claw patent, CN-106427946-A: Automobile rear axle emergency brake device patent, CN-106429115-A: Intelligent energy-saving dustbin patent, CN-106429165-A: Plank pushing device patent, CN-106429183-A: 一种设有夹取机构的模板检测设备 patent, CN-106429732-A: 一种抽屉式轿厢垂直电梯及运输方法 patent, CN-106429957-A: Novel hydraulic tank car lifting device patent, CN-106430192-A: Efficient ultrasonic extracting machine for seaweed patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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