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CN-107141845-A: 一种防火保温涂料及其制备方法 patent, CN-107141956-A: Environment-friendly decoration paint patent, CN-107142066-A: 一种高韧性的环氧树脂胶黏剂 patent, CN-107142331-A: 一种用于检测绵羊肺炎支原体的引物和探针 patent, CN-107143595-A: Buffer energy absorbing structure with micro-filtration membrane and multiple energy absorbing effects patent, CN-107144569-A: 基于选择性搜索分割的风机叶片表面缺陷诊断方法 patent, CN-107144649-A: Method for degrading sulfamerazine based on ultrasonic or ultraviolet enhancement patent, CN-107145125-A: Internet of things-based machine tool circuit troubleshooting system patent, CN-107145844-A: Child-window merging-based signal detection method patent, CN-107146144-A: 一种室外自助台球运营系统及其方法 patent, CN-107146185-A: 一种老年优待证服务推送系统及方法 patent, CN-107146348-A: 一种安防设备及安防系统 patent, CN-107146763-A: Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus of fingerprint identification chip package structure patent, CN-107147020-A: 一种可扩展配电柜 patent, CN-107147616-A: Data encryption method and device patent, CN-107147910-A: 一种全景视频六角形采样方法及装置 patent, CN-107148285-A: Pyrrolobenzodiazepine-antibody conjugates patent, CN-107148328-A: 机械臂机构 patent, CN-107148568-A: Inspection device using thz band patent, CN-1071488-A: Impulse member for rotary percussive drills patent, CN-107149263-A: Hair comb with micro-air pump patent, CN-107149501-A: 3D printing artificial tooth implant production method patent, CN-107149751-A: Automatically operated ground billiard ball picking electromechanical device patent, CN-107150028-A: Peanut seed sorting equipment patent, CN-107150430-A: 注塑件水口切除设备及其切除方法 patent, CN-107150527-A: 一种笔 patent, CN-107151400-A: 一种用于笔记本外壳的复合材料及其制备方法 patent, US-5236413-A: Method and apparatus for inducing the permeation of medication into internal tissue patent, CN-107152951-A: Measuring cylinder with horizontal detection function patent, CN-107153630-A: 一种机器学习系统的训练方法和训练系统 patent, CN-107153965-A: Multi-terminal intelligent customer service solution method patent, CN-107154969-A: Destination recommendation method and device patent, CN-107155702-A: Fruit planting and seedling-raising observation system patent, CN-107155912-A: Pig farm anti-blocking feeding system having sterilization function patent, CN-107156153-A: 一种含氯氟氰虫酰胺的种子处理剂在防治水稻害虫中的应用 patent, CN-107156439-A: 一种全麦型日粮的肉鸡饲料及其制备方法 patent, CN-107157565-A: 一种用于髌骨骨折的张力带钢板 patent, CN-107157661-A: Composite hemostatic syringe patent, CN-107157881-A: 具有祛痘功效的组合物及化妆品 patent, CN-107158052-A: 地稔提取物在制备药物中的应用 patent, CN-107158071-A: 一种核桃鞣质的制备方法 patent, CN-107158256-A: Health wine for preventing and treating rheumatism and preparation method thereof patent, CN-107158391-A: 鸡血藤黄酮用于制备抗真菌药物增效剂产品的用途 patent, CN-107158796-A: Antioxidant glass fiber/polyphenylene sulfide fiber composite dedusting filter material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-107159496-A: 一种电烤箱生产用钢板喷漆装置 patent, CN-107159797-A: 适于汽车轮罩冲压模具的压料翻边装置 patent, CN-107161858-A: Load monitoring method and device and electric crane patent, CN-107161866-A: Triangular mobile moment arm mechanism patent, CN-107162273-A: Treatment method of arsenic-containing wastewater patent, CN-107162439-A: 一种新型Low‑E玻璃及其制备方法 patent, CN-107162835-A: 一种植物营养液 patent, CN-107163944-A: 一种调控稀土上转换纳米材料形貌的共掺杂金属离子的制备方法 patent, CN-107164093-A: 一种葡萄味烟用香精的配制方法 patent, CN-107164182-A: 鹿鞭鹿血酒 patent, CN-107164381-A: Oligonucleotide molecule used for inhibiting mRNA expression of KRAS target gene and set composition thereof patent, CN-107165000-A: Organic pigment paste for paper, and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-107165070-A: 一种用于公路、桥梁或隧道行车安全提示的荧光粉微壳组件 patent, CN-107165415-A: 泵管固定减震装置和泵管安装结构 patent, CN-107166699-A: 空调器外壳及具有其的空调器 patent, CN-107168228-A: 一种基于物联网控制的无线充电设备 patent, CN-107168653-A: Method for improving read-only property of solid state disk and the solid state disk patent, CN-107168750-A: 一种固件升级保护方法及系统 patent, CN-107169452-A: 指纹模组、显示装置及移动终端 patent, CN-107171102-A: 一种新型的焊接装置 patent, CN-107171137-A: Welding apparatus patent, CN-107171361-A: 基于网源荷储协调控制的智能配电站和网源荷储协调控制系统 patent, CN-107172506-A: 一种基于业务感知的光电自适应切换系统及方法 patent, CN-107173196-A: 铁皮石斛种植方法 patent, CN-107174670-A: Miscarriage-preventing and nerve-soothing vehicle-mounted sachet patent, CN-107175108-A: 一种用于烟气中二氧化硫还原制硫的钴系催化剂及其制备方法和用途 patent, CN-107175920-A: Digital ink-jet printing machine with function of automatically splicing flat plates, and printing method patent, CN-107176708-A: 一种从纤维素醚生产废水中分离纤维素醚残留物的方法 patent, CN-107176857-A: Equipment for manufacturing cultivation ecological nutritional soil from urban solid wastes patent, CN-107180144-A: On-line monitoring and early-warning system of integrated risk of domestic waste landfill patent, CN-107180612-A: Pixel circuit and display panel patent, CN-107182605-A: 一种多功能的智能花盆 patent, CN-107182669-A: 一种提高降香黄檀干旱抗性的方法 patent, CN-107183419-A: 一种营养保健果浆配方及制作方法 patent, CN-107184556-A: Potassium sodium dehydroandrographolide succinate freeze-dried preparation and preparation method thereof patent, CN-107184863-A: Broad-spectrum antitumor composition with food extract and nutrients and method for preparing broad-spectrum antitumor composition patent, CN-107184921-A: 一种外敷妙治腰痛中药膏 patent, CN-107185688-A: 一种低能耗热矿破碎装置 patent, CN-107185862-A: 基于色选机设备的输送装置 patent, CN-107186998-A: Extrusion molding technology of multi-hole plastic filter element patent, CN-107187812-A: Intermittent type feeding device patent, CN-107187823-A: Automatic deviation adjusting device of pipe belt conveyor patent, CN-107189388-A: Preparation method of environment-friendly polylactic acid film patent, CN-107189645-A: 用于静电喷涂聚丙烯材料汽车保险杆的涂料及其制备方法 patent, CN-107189856-A: 一种山茶油的脱色方法 patent, CN-107190446-A: 纺织煮漂工艺中便于拆装的滚筒 patent, CN-107190758-A: Construction method for side slope patent, CN-107191185-A: Guide impact device for regulating multi-surface guide device to be attached to multiple roller surfaces in guide method of regulating multi-surface guide device to be attached to multiple roller surfaces patent, CN-107191519-A: Torsion spring long in service life patent, CN-107191525-A: Movable shock absorber with shock-reducing rubber patent, CN-107192146-A: Welding-free fin for solar heat collector patent, CN-107193405-A: 一种磁悬浮鼠标垫控制方法 patent, CN-107194542-A: On-site emergency processing method and system, and mobile emergency server patent, CN-107194607-A: Ecological restoration key object determination method patent, CN-107195094-A: 一种模块化自动售贩机 patent, CN-107195297-A: Adaptive mutation bird swarm speech recognition system integrated with data normalization patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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