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CN-106986505-A: Milk processing plant wastewater treatment equipment patent, CN-106986822-A: Substituted 4-phenyl-pyridines for the treatment of NK-1 receptor related diseases patent, CN-106987288-A: 汽油燃料抗爆剂 patent, CN-106987592-A: 一种抑制梨种子赤霉素合成基因表达的方法 patent, CN-106988460-A: 一种中置固定式遮阳板网的三层遮阳玻璃 patent, CN-106989007-A: 一种用于液体加工的柱塞泵 patent, CN-106989056-A: 离心叶轮及压气机 patent, CN-106989203-A: Water pipe support frame for water receiving of water bucket patent, CN-106989893-A: Wind tunnel active vibration suppression pole piezoelectric ceramics driver preload method patent, CN-106990425-A: Mobile object positioning system patent, CN-106990584-A: Display panel, display device and lens coordinate determination method patent, CN-106990586-A: Light-regulating glass for improving transparent effect patent, CN-106992608-A: High-temperature superconducting large power wireless power transmission system used for city train charging patent, CN-106992725-A: Position detecting circuit and position detecting method for motor patent, CN-106993103-A: 一种智能化叩齿训练装置及方法 patent, CN-106993672-A: 吊挂式茶叶揉捻机 patent, CN-106994586-A: Steel wire ball production equipment patent, CN-106995070-A: 一种药品包装盒自动供料机构 patent, CN-106995695-A: Phosphor based on terpyridine or derivative and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-106995776-A: 组合培养皿 patent, CN-106996442-A: Actuator with cooling channels in which fluid can be conveyed with nuts patent, CN-106996536-A: Multifunctional combined charging LED table lamp patent, CN-106996805-A: 二氧化碳、咸水及岩石反应动力学监测实验装置 patent, CN-106999104-A: Cardio-respiratory fitness assessment patent, CN-106999577-A: 溶瘤病毒和免疫检查点调节因子组合 patent, CN-106999975-A: 自动化底漆施涂系统 patent, CN-107001032-A: 基于催化肽形成和氢化的液体有机氢载体系统 patent, CN-107001039-A: 制备阴极材料的方法和特定的阴极材料 patent, CN-107001160-A: 用于高温工作的制品 patent, CN-107001672-A: 聚合物和包含该聚合物的聚合物电解质膜 patent, CN-107002695-A: 具有密封通道的压缩机 patent, CN-107002724-A: Hydraulic drive system for construction machinery patent, CN-107002836-A: Transmission mechanism patent, CN-107002991-A: Thin premixed atmospheric domestic burner patent, CN-107004242-A: 以移动通信终端为基础的生活指导方法、移动通信终端及记录该方法的计算机可读取的记录介质 patent, CN-107004336-A: 无电极等离子体灯光学破坏 patent, CN-107004654-A: Heat-dissipating substrate and method for manufacturing same patent, CN-107005798-A: Capturing user intent when interacting with multiple access controls patent, CN-107006174-A: Novel soil holing tool patent, CN-107006389-A: Terminal and pet motion signal identification method and device patent, CN-107007083-A: 一种可远程遥控的床垫智能展示系统 patent, CN-107007294-A: X-ray image diagnosis device and bone mineral density measuring method patent, CN-107007515-A: 一种女性私密护理液及其制备方法 patent, CN-107007580-A: 用于治疗肌肉萎缩症的化合物 patent, CN-107007998-A: Image meshing direct distance measuring method of golf course patent, CN-107008311-A: Ozone heterogeneous oxidation solid catalyst preparation method patent, CN-107008485-A: Nitrogen-doped graphene supported Ru and WO3 catalyst, method for preparing same and application of nitrogen-doped graphene supported Ru and WO3 catalyst patent, CN-107008630-A: Equipment for flocking production patent, CN-107008853-A: 实型铸造用型砂连续式冷却处理方法 patent, CN-107009073-A: 一种立柱快速定位装置及方法 patent, CN-107009307-A: 一种多功能螺丝刀 patent, CN-107009511-A: 一种制砖用粘土和炼设备 patent, CN-107009900-A: 平视显示器 patent, CN-107010467-A: 一种多功能便携式放线盘 patent, CN-107010844-A: High-performance temperable double silver LOW-E glass and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-107011439-A: 抗叶酸受体α抗体及其应用 patent, CN-107012363-A: Manufacturing technology of TC4 titanium alloy oil well tube patent, CN-1070126-A: 高压连续矿浆过滤机 patent, CN-107012976-A: 一种轻钢龙骨隔墙开关、插座盒固定架和固定方法 patent, CN-107013104-A: Anti-prying intelligent door lock patent, CN-107013245-A: 管线固定装置 patent, CN-107013699-A: 塑钢燃气阀 patent, CN-107014165-A: Device used for drying organic fertilizer through hot air and provided with filter net patent, CN-107015918-A: 一种闪存管理系统、方法及闪存芯片 patent, CN-107016280-A: Method and system for upgrading client application program patent, CN-107016698-A: Binocular stereo matching method and apparatus based on oblique plane smoothing patent, CN-107017253-A: 包括第一晶体管和第二晶体管的半导体器件 patent, CN-107017638-A: 一种适用于配电网的多端口多母线电能路由器拓扑结构 patent, CN-107017859-A: 分波器 patent, CN-107019000-A: Sterilizing synergistic composition patent, CN-107019079-A: 青钱柳茶及其制备方法 patent, CN-107019842-A: 用于治疗皮肤及脱毛的美容机器 patent, CN-107020889-A: 充气轮胎 patent, CN-107020936-A: Electromobile power assembly and application thereof patent, CN-107021197-A: 动力分离式走航式adcp遥控电动船 patent, CN-107022787-A: Tooling for simultaneously electroplating inner and outer surfaces of hydraulic oil cylinder and use method patent, CN-107023412-A: Engine system with inferential sensor patent, CN-107023447-A: Groove-type solar photo-thermal power generation system taking CO2 as heat collection working medium patent, CN-107024082-A: 一种毛笔生产用笔杆风干装置 patent, CN-107024720-A: 一种基于微生物燃料电池评测人工湿地堵塞状况的装置和方法 patent, CN-107025040-A: 基于oled屏幕的显示设置方法、系统及图形用户界面 patent, CN-107025374-A: Fatigue life calculation method of welded steel bridge structure patent, CN-107026112-A: 一种蚀刻装置 patent, CN-107026263-A: 海胆状硫化铋/大孔石墨烯复合材料、制备方法及其应用 patent, CN-107026566-A: 涟波调变定导通时间电源供应器及其控制电路与控制方法 patent, CN-107026696-A: 具有双天线模式的nfc天线的认证测试方法 patent, CN-107027415-A: Weeding device patent, CN-107028111-A: 一种鱿鱼丝辐照保鲜方法 patent, CN-107028128-A: Use method of processing device of pickled vegetables patent, CN-107028320-A: 头发护理器具 patent, CN-107030025-A: Transparent bottle lamp checking system patent, CN-107031775-A: 一种半隐藏电池式助力车车梁管 patent, CN-107032965-A: Preparation method of 3-hydroxyphenyl trifluoromethyl ether patent, CN-107034137-A: Self-spinning type medical biological shaking table patent, CN-107034208-A: 一种厌氧氨氧化污泥包埋凝胶小球的制备方法 patent, CN-107036317-A: Chiller system patent, CN-107036791-A: 测量不共轴光学系统焦距、后截距和鉴别率的装置及方法 patent, CN-107037408-A: 车辆用雷达设备及去除其重影的方法 patent, CN-107037778-A: 军用冷液设备控制双备份系统 patent, CN-107038244-A: 一种数据挖掘方法和装置、一种可读介质和存储控制器 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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